Onoff valve

Technical Services and Repair

VOV has the experience and expertise to offer a complete service and repair package for both planned and reactive maintenance needs to make valve servicing as hassle free as possible.

Our Customer base is varied and covers industries such as Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Brewing, Power Generation, Petrochemicals, etc.

  • Testing and Calibration
  • Lapping
  • Valve / Data Management Systems
Pressure Reducing Valve

Testing and Calibration

Using the most sophisticated test equipment available, we can offer a comprehensive testing and calibration service to our customers. Our computerised test centres have testing capability of 200 barg air/nitrogen and hydrostatic test pressures of up to 600 barg. This covers all safety valves up to 200barg, all control valves up to 12" and all gate, globe and check valves up to 24': This includes flanged, screwed and butt weld. All our test equipment is controlled under the ISO 9002 management system and is independently calibrated every six months by an inde- pendent calibration agency. All testing is carried out in accordance with International Test Standards and all test results are recorded in our comprehensive data-base.


As part of our service facility and a most important part of our re-manufacturing process, we have three lapping machines which are capable of lapping all flat components i.e valve seats, discs, mechanical seals and any flat objects to within 1 light band of flatness. Each lapping table is checked routinely using test gauges and a monochromatic light to keep the lapping surface to within 1 light band of flatness thus ensuring accurate lapping of all components.